About us


Innovation and development are our passion. We are at the dawn of a new era of promotion and marketing, and we are working to revolutionize the market with our vision and solutions. We strive to offer high-quality solutions to our customers and partners and to support them in the long term in successfully selling their products online and offline.


Our team has been working successfully in the areas of point-of-sale services, IT, and digital services for over 20 years. The POS Cloud combines our accumulated know-how to a new and unique shopping experience. Through our state-of-the-art online consulting platform, we offer the development, planning, execution and control of integrated campaigns.



It is our mission to connect analogue and digital worlds. We offer your customers an innovative and fascinating shopping experience while also strengthening offline retail with our solutions. We are revolutionizing brick-and-mortar commerce with POS Connect. With our solution, we combine content and technology into a unique and novel experience and offer you the opportunity to market and sell your products in ways no one has ever seen before.